BASPS 2 2014

2T1A0343The San Francisco cyclocross season has several race series to choose from on any given weekend in the fall. By traveling under two hours in most directions, you can be racing a double every weekend from September to January. One of the most popular events is the B.A.S.P.S. night race. This full day of races happens just outside of the city limits and is a chance for friends and family of the racers to come out and cheer. With no real rain to speak of this season, and warmer then normal temps for November, this year’s crowd was large, loud, and inhaling dirt together. This race is fun to photograph because it happens from day, through dusk, and into the evening—offering all levels of racing, mixed with all types of light. Enclosed are some moments captured Saturday evening at Sierra Point.2T1A0611It has been fun to see TCB grow as a company, and see their employees rally as a team.2T1A0601Eddy and Yan help out in the shop when they are not in school. It was great to be out and cheer for them in the single speed Bs. Rightly known as the “killer Bs” for its fast and loose racing style.2T1A05612T1A0466Hey what’s up man? 2T1A0410This event happens in the shadow of San Bruno Mountain, beside a marina, creating the most scenic office park in the Bay Area.2T1A0566RJ, like the others will have a dirt cough for a few days.2T1A0590The organizers made one mud section on an otherwise dry lap. Like birds in a bird bath, racers just wanted that ‘cross feeling, even if it came out of a hose.2T1A0612This is Cubby. He is a natural on any bike. This was his first cross race and he found himself on the podium at the end of the evening.2T1A0620Water was added between races making the mud deeper as the night went on. Spectators would tempt riders to test the softer lines with dollar bills.2T1A0696Single Speed Bs headed out as the sun was setting. This course has a ton of corners, so taking gears out of the equation works for many racers.2T1A0586Gabe 2T1A0793Cubby converted his bar bike into his race bike by taking the fork from an old Kelly and swapping it with his track fork.2T1A04742T1A0797Eddy and Rich2T1A0749Run-up2T1A0874Yan2T1A09262T1A1164Chelsea on the last straightaway, last chance to make a pass.2T1A1028Non-pro cyclocross in the US is fun, and we like that. Here a racer got tangled in the barrier tape, and saw a moment to refesh.2T1A1045The moon was near full in a clear sky, offering a bit of extra light for the racers.2T1A10592T1A1159Neutral support2T1A12132T1A1210Rainier was called up for the start of the last race of the night: Elite Men As.2T1A12652T1A1378Derek kept up a fast pace over one of the sets of barriers.2T1A1483Thank you to the event staff for helping keep Bay Area cyclocross alive and thriving. Now just if we can get back into Golden Gate Park for 2015!2T1A14072T1A1306Scotty Chapin is a beast and Bay Area racers are accustomed to getting beat down by him on this course. Once again, he dropped the geared field on a single gear. Nice work! Bright headlamp!2T1A1296The lunar surface, or an unnatural color of gray earth at Sierra Point.2T1A14012T1A1347Rainier getting a kick out of a racer running straight toward him in one of the sets of barriers on the course.2T1A1516As the night drew to a close, this top corner on “Heckle Hill” gathered the rowdy fans. All the fun you would expect from a non-pro CX race in the states. Derek finishing the geared As on his SSCX after a rear flat put him in the pits for a bike swap.2T1A09252T1A0941Cinelli has closed production of our SSCX frame set for 2015. This bike is so much fun we hope to be able to bring it back to production again one day. Let your Cinelli dealer know if you are looking for one. There are still a few left!


2T1A8220   With the 2014 Red Hook Criterium season behind us, we wanted to share some details from the Milano stop. As a shop and team, our goal has always been to help our friends race bikes and see how far they can take it. For 2015, three members out of our five-racer Crit team are signed with professional road teams. Walton, Kyle, and Evan will all race pro next year. We do not know what the future of MASH at Red Hook events will bring, but we are completely happy about seeing our friends go from riding on the street, to racing alleycats, to racing road, cyclocross, fixed crits, and ultimately taking it to the next level as professional athletes. SO STOKED FOR THESE GUYS!

As we look back at the Milano photos, they mean a little more to me now. This group of friends would be riding together, on or off a team, so to put them on a plane and go to the other side of the planet for a few days is all the more special. Chas has inspired these guys on the street for years. Rainier was the first of the group to make it as a Category 1 road racer. This is the fuel that pushes each other to take risks and make progress toward personal goals. Enclosed are some details from the Red Hook Milano earlier this month and some behind the scenes notes from the trip. 2T1A8251 2T1A8389 2T1A8305Rainier warming up before qualifiers. Traveling internationally for these events makes it impossible to have many of the amenities that help a racer prepare. We are thankful to San Marco for the use of their tent and Cinelli for a few sets of rollers. We always scrap something together, so thanks for this support.2T1A8229This was the first race that we could celebrate Kyle and Evan racing on the same team at a Red Hook event. The Cinelli family was excited about this bond as well.2T1A8374 2T1A8296Evan and Kyle work with Tom Sachs. Get your wheel, or seat stolen once and you create a system that helps you in future situations. Serial numbering everything.2T1A8260Pinning2T1A8418Chas qualifying in the team CX skin suit. Was awesome to see this suit on the road.2T1A8589As a testament to these races getting faster each year, the course lap time was three seconds faster than the same course raced in 2013.2T1A8424Chas did not race in Barcelona, so was required to qualify with group 2. This ended up working in his favor, setting a strong start for the main men’s race.2T1A8834Garrett understands MASH completely and for this reason he helps the team feel pro on the bike. The 2015 Cinelli Parallax with the theme throughout the Castelli Skinsuit and Giro Synthe helmets. Feel fast=go fast.2T1A85682T1A83822T1A87882T1A85912T1A88072T1A86432T1A88132T1A88162T1A89942T1A88992T1A8971Dave leading the neutral lap.2T1A8964The crowd at this race was one of the largest so far. It made it difficult to get to vantage points for shooting, but that was made up by the excitement of the masses.2T1A90022T1A90262T1A93322T1A89592T1A93572T1A93912T1A94362T1A94602T1A95542T1A9515


Volata Magazine was out at the Red Hook Criterium Barcelona earlier this year, and posted a video from their POV.

I see Kyle on the podium at the end of this edit.


heart1There are only a few small items we live with on the bike. Top Caps hold our attention due to their central location to a riders line of site. For this reason, we like making what we think are some small motivating art pieces. We just added three new ones to the shop, including the donuts that made so many riders happy the first time around. They all include a star-nut, and bolt, for six dollars. Get one for a friend!2T1A5847_grandepenta1



CCC ProofSan Francisco summer is September and October. if you come visit, we recommend these months to plan your trip. As we are ramping into our fall season, we wanted to bring in some new shirts, and sweatshirts into the shop. Today we added six new styles pictured here, including a new collaboration with Cinelli. You can pick up these items in the shop early next week, or on our site today. CHECK HERE for more information.

MASH1Cinelli produced our shared head badge shirt to celebrate our 2015 Parallax and Histogram frames in dark colors. Benny Gold took a modern take on this classic Cinelli Heraldry.

Sharpie ProofMatt Shapiro is OK at drawing. He sharpie’d us this shield for us, and we liked it enough to re-print it on a clean white shirt.

Wordmark Crew ProofThis crew neck is printed with dark reflective ink on the front and back.

Mash Giants ProofToday’s game against St. Louis could bring the San Francisco Giants back to the World Series (I think they mean US Series) To celebrate our home town, we like this take on our classic shield.

Ferris ProofOur friend Ferris Plock took our winged logo, and dressed it up for halloween. We like things evil, and sometimes we like things funny. We made a really small run of this one, so hurry.



2014 marks our third year competing at the Red Hook Criterium as a team, and Chas’ fourth time to Milano for this event. Through these years, the event has grown leaps and bounds in every way. From the professionalism of it’s production, to the level of it’s competitors  The race course this year was the same as 2013, but the lap times cut three seconds faster. With this format of racing growing in popularity in Europe, the the skill level of the racers has matured at the same pace. There is no question these races are fast and dangerous, there is just no other way to put it. In Barcelona there must have been 25 riders involved in crashes in the 45 minute main race. With that said, the Milano stop saw some terrible crashes in qualifying, but no major crashes in the men’s main event. Riders kept it safe, often single file in the corners, and passing in the straights. As a bike shop, we never tried to build a team. We liked our friends, and wanted to help them by providing some of the resources needed to race at a local, national, and sometimes international level. What came from that natural direction was a group of friends, that at the core, have respect, and trust in one another. Walton and Rainier met during an 850 mile stage ride that followed the Tour of California in 2009. Portland connects Walton, Chas, and Kyle, where they all knew one another on some level, then re-locating to San Francisco. Kyle’s brother Evan has traveled with us to Red Hook events, and he has always been part of our family. He has had an open invite to race with us for a long time, and the trip to Milano this year was a natural step to suit up, and smash some faces in on the bike. Garrett, not pictured here, embodies this friendship, and he bleeds artwork for the bikes, and raceware. His efforts are a visual solve for what MASH feels like. When I look at these photos (missing Walton, who is home with a broken clavicle) When i look at these photos, I am so so stoked. These are our friends, who turn out to be very competitive racers, with different strengths, with the same end goals. Show up, go fast, have fun. We like to keep things simple, and that is how we came to be friends.




As we are leaving for Milan tomorrow, Red Hook released a video edit for the Barcelona Stop. This should get a ton of racers pumped to the final stop for 2014, and will better inform new racers and cycling fans as to what makes these events unique.