vest 1Today we are excited to offer our 2015 Parallax kit with Castelli. These pieces are designed to relate to the Cinelli frame set of the same charcoal and gray tones. The Parallax series, designed by Garrett Chow, draws inspiration from Optical lens diagrams used to test the sharpness of the glass lenses. Please visit our site for additional information. Customers in Europe can visit Winged Store, and customers in Asia can also support Blue Lug today!

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Save the Polo Fields

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San Francisco is a progressive city, with year-round beautiful weather. For these reasons, an outsider would think there are several options for cyclists to ride bikes without cars. This idea simply is not true. Most all of the trails are gray area, or illegal. The Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park are one of the only spaces with a cycling history. The Parks Department shows the former velodrome space to be dedicated to cycling in the historic registry. There are about 70 soccer fields in San Francisco, a seven-by-seven mile piece of land, with a development budget in the millions. Some of those fields are in the middle of the Polo Fields velo track. The track is shared with pedestrians walking dogs, joggers, and cyclists training at all levels. On days that soccer is in play, the track is closed to cyclists by steel gates.  Friends of the Polo Fields is hoping to make some changes to improve the experience for all. Dividing it into two lanes for faster and slower riders, as well as moving the fence back to open up the blind spot in the corners. If you are a local cyclist, please go to these meetings. Bring your children. Listen, and contribute in a positive way, that helps urban planning reflect what a broader mix of locals want and need.

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Today we are opening a pre-order for our first steel frame solution with Cinelli. The 2015 Cinelli MASH Work frame will arrive in the US near the end of April 2015.

This frame set has removable canti brake studs and can be built several ways: Single Speed Cyclocross, Track, Work, and Criterium.

Available in five sizes: 50, 53, 55, 57, and 60.

Includes the frame, fork, sealed headset, seat collar, and brake studs.

27.2 Seat Post

English/68 Bottom Bracket

1 1/8th Threadless Headset

100/120 hub spacing

We are pleased to share a special project we have been working on with Chas Christiansen and the team at Columbus/Cinelli. Enclosed are some details of our first Columbus steel frame set. This unique platform is intended to solve for a broad range of needs with one bike. Chas travels heavily—racing alley cats, working as a messenger, racing cyclocross—so this bike was born from those diverse needs. The geo has a high bottom bracket and is aggressive in nature, but allows for weight to be carried on the front rack while feeling stable. The frame and fork have removable canti brake studs, so the bike can be ridden as a clean fixed gear, or single speed cyclocross frame set including internal cable routing for the rear brake. Both the frame and fork will clear 35c tires for dirt, or a smooth street tire. We kept a raw look that preserves the weld heat markings by adding a clear coat to the steel. This treatment celebrates Columbus, whom we are proud to call family. Garrett Chow drew on the historical Cinelli and Columbus art archive to detail this frame set in a timeless manner.


Pre-Order HERE today!






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San Francisco to Las Vegas 2012


Going thorough an old hard drive, I came across these photos from a trip I went on in 2012.  I don’t remember whose idea it was originally, but none of us really had any idea what we were getting into.


I didn’t really know Crihs and Marc all that well. That didn’t stop us from loading up our messenger bags, hopping on our track bikes and trying to make it from SF-LA in four days and LA-Vegas in two. Six days and roughly 800 miles. That day we left with a solid crew who rode us south out of the city. Steve, Lucas from Eugene and young Kyle sent us off.



Marc on HWY 1 headed south.




The route was based primarily on a route I had ridden four years ago on a previous bike tour,  we had no maps. Crihs especially was a trooper. He wore his recently won Monster Track prize bag.




Pit stop.




My view for twelve hours a day.




Big Sur represented one of the most vicious and challenging days any of us had ever faced on a track bike. I was riding the first Histogram prototype, I was actually delivering it to Las Vegas to the Cinelli booth at Interbike that year.




Hours of out-of-the-saddle climbing.




Marc arrived at the first gas station out of Big Sur, ate a massive ice cream sandwich, and then almost died of an epic brain freeze.




Its crazy to look back at the equipment we had. Integralter bars and  sling bags.




I’m sure Crihs has a few gems from this trip somewhere too.




Poor planning and the fact that we were trying to push 130+ miles a day left us finishing most days well into the night.




That same poor planning also left us doing a fair bit of hiking. We stayed with random people. I posted on the MASH blog about our trip and various riders put us up on their couches every night.




There was a point in our lives where 130 miles a day on aluminum pursuit frames sounded like a great idea!




On our way out of LA, we had this great idea to ride at night and avoid the heat of the day. It’s was too bad we neglected to bring any real lights. Also, riding on the side of a freeway means a ton of flats from blown out radial tires.




On the last leg from Barstow into Vegas we shipped all our extra gear home and left at 5 pm, hoping to arrive in Vegas at sunrise. We had no idea you climbed over a mountain pass, nor that it was going to rain all night. If I remember, we had twelve flats that night between us and “liberated” these ponchos from a gas station. We rolled into Vegas at sunrise, all with flat tires but huge smiles. Then we got 86’d from eleven hotels on the Strip less than one hour later, but that’s a whole other story.




girowintercap_1_grandeAs we are ramping into 2015, the shop is seeing some new designs come through. Enclosed are some examples of what’s new! Check in HERE!

Vintage Giro winter wool cycling capmediumwallet_1_grande220 roll film themed jersey wallet

2015parallax_msh_grandeThe 2015 Cinelli MASH Parallax frame is open for pre-order, and we are expecting them in the next few weeks!Larkin_1_grandeOur reflective day backpack collaboration with Boreas is a well-rounded day bag. Incredibly light weight, expandable, large reflective back.IMG_4819We have a good selection of decals back in the shop, including these analog Strava route markers.IMG_4818kodachrome1_grandeWe found another box of Kodachrome Purist bottles. These went fast, so happy to have a few more. We also have the Agfa 200 ones in the shop.nc8_grandeWe have three crew neck designs at the moment, including the Northern California graphic. Also available as a t-shirt.shieldjerseywallet_1_grandeThe Halftone jersey wallet fits an iPhone 6 with a slim case, cards, key, money, etc.


Come see us at the shop, or see our current collection HERE!