This is Chas Christiansen. He has worked as a traveling messenger for nearly a decade. Friends at Oakley Europe linked up while he was in London recently to hear how he makes it work. Check in!


polaroid thinking capErik Zo is the real deal. His life is dedicated to cycling, photography, and preserving the history of these topics and their relationship to San Francisco. I was excited to hear he was heading down to document the L’eroica this weekend. He posted a detailed account of the thought process he put into preparing for this trip. As a photographer with a bike, I really enjoyed the details. Please click through for the full report!



Easter Sunday is a special time for friends and family. But for one rowdy group of BMXers this was a day for shredding. We assembled at the top of Bernal Heights at 1:00 and overlooked the city below us. There were three check points that highlighted iconic spots around the city.




The race had one rule: 20″ BMX bikes. These bikes are equipped to ride jumps and ramps and skateparks. Riding long distances is not usually not on the menu for bikes like this. Little gears mean you’re spinning at a sprint.


The danger was real and the race hadn’t even started.



The obligatory ’70s poses pre race.


Warming up on the starting gates!


The starting run was down this. Pick your line, stick to it, and don’t flat, we just started.


The race was close! I rolled in for the win only a few minutes before John rolled in for second. Ten miles on BMX is a huge challenge! Congratulations to everyone who rode across the finish line and to everyone who helped out. Here are a few of the top contenders!



JDR held down one of the hardest check points. Thanks for the help and good vibes after smashing up a mountain on 20″ wheels dude!


Cubby hand wrote each manifest that morning on Beatles stationary.




Fun proceeded with high jump and long jump challenges!



Huge thanks to Cubby for getting everyone out here and putting this together! We are super stoked on this format and are looking forward to the next one!


And thanks to the sponsors!  Mash SF, Vans, Oakley, Cult, Freewheel, and TCB.

Report and photos by Dylan Buffington.




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We all showed up hearing rumors about what was at the checkpoints: stuffing our faces with fried chicken, going from point A to B with a raw egg. At this point it could have been anything. Unfortunately neither of those things happened and it was a smash fest of a race. Once manifests were handed out everyone scrambled down Mission towards Market Street. Chas, Rob Ward and I hung back and figured out the cryptic clues that put together the routing. Satisfied with our plan of action we jumped on our bikes and decided to go for a ride around the city.


We aimed for the Bayview, initially scattered through the streets of the Mission looking for the best line. Chas and I ran into each other and at that point were we synced. Catching the light to Cesar Chavez put the gap on Ward. Heading out and smashing through Bayview was so fast! We knew that the next move was a time trial down Third, so we had to make sure this first checkpoint was smooth. Chas had carbon wheels and drops, I had street wheels and risers. His power was noticeable after a five-minute interval of crushing with our heads down. We were flying down the Embarcadero. We contrasted the 27 mph stint with some textbook lane splitting and weaving once we hit Market St. It all came down to the last check point.

R1-02759-0027 2

Chas and I were neck and neck but working together. “!!!UP PAGE ST!!!” Chas yells. At that point, at the speeds we were moving, that decision would make anyone’s heart drop, or in this case, lungs. We were ripping to the top. At the absolute last crest, Chas grabbed a car and pulled himself just enough to put a small gap on me. What was three bike lengths felt like miles when our legs were deep fried from Page St. Left on Stanyon, right on Frederick and a final wind to 11th and Irving. At this point Chas was on his way out once I rolled in. The two of us hadn’t seen a single rider the entire race and he was starting to disappear from me. Lincoln to Oak, the final sprint. We’ve done this a thousand times. Once I hit Haight St. I could see him four blocks up rolling into the finish. I rolled in and we were ecstatic. What a sick race. It was 1-2 with Chas and I. Ward rolled in only a few minutes after us.


The day ended with greasy fingers, a few beers, and some great vibes. Thanks to everyone who was involved and helped set this race up! We are so stoked that small businesses are able to use alleycats as a race format to promote both the cycling culture in this city but also link arms with other small businesses to put something like this together. Also thank you Alexander Shvachko for grabbing these moments from the race!!

– Dylan




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