San Francisco to Las Vegas 2012


Going thorough an old hard drive I came across these photo’s from a trip I went on in 2012.  I don’t remember who’s idea it was originally, but none of us really had any idea what we were getting into.


I didn’t really know Crihs and Marc all that well,  that didn’t stop us from loading up our messenger bags, hopping on our track bikes and trying to make it from SF-LA in 4 day and LA-Vegas in 2, 6 days and roughly 800 miles  That day we left with a solid crew who road us south out of the city, Steve, Lucas from Eugene and young Kyle sent us off.



Marc on HWY 1 headed south




The route was based primarily on a route  I had ridden 4 years ago on a previous bike tour,  we had no maps.  Crihs especially was a trooper,  he wore his recently won Monster Track prize bag.




Pit Stop




My view for 12 hours a day.




Big Sur represented one of the most vicious and challenging days any of us had ever faced on a track bike.  I was riding the first Histogram prototype,  I was actually delivering it to Las Vegas to the Cinelli booth at Interbike that year.




Hours of out of the saddle climbing.




Marc arrived at the first gas station out of Big Sur, ate a massive ice cream sandwich and then almost died of an epic brain freeze.




Its crazy to look back at the equipment we had,  Integratler bars and  sling bags.




I’m sure Crihs has a few gems from this trip somewhere too.




Poor planning and the fact that we were trying to push 130 plus miles a day left us finishing most days well into the night.




That same poor planning also left us doing a fair bit of hiking.  We stayed with random people,  I posted on the MASH blog about our trip and various riders put us up on their couches every night.




There was a point in our lives where 130 miles a day on aluminum pursuit frames sounded like a great idea!




On our way out of LA we had this great idea to ride a night and avoid the heat of the day,  it’s was too bad we neglected to bring any real lights.  Also riding on the side of a freeway means a ton of flats from blown out radial tires.




On the last leg from Barstow into Vegas we shipped all our extra gear home and left at 5pm, hoping to arrive in Vegas at sunrise.  We had no idea you climbed over a mountain pass,  nor that it was going to rain all night.  If I remember we had 12 flats that night between us,  and “liberated” this poncho’s from a gas station.  We rolled into Vegas at sun rise, all with flat tires but huge smiles.  Then we got 86’d from 11 hotels on the Strip less than 1 hour later, but that’s a whole other story.




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D.F.L. #3 2014

2T1A6511With the Bay Area getting a few weeks of rain, friends of DFL knew it was prime for a DIY cross race. Sunday morning, a large group knew to meet in Golden Gate Park for the third installment of the 2014 series. As you will see in this series of photographs, the landscape is so incredibly scenic that it is easy to forget you are riding cyclocross in a city park. For those of us who live here, this is a special treat. Enclosed are some moments from 12-21-2014 in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California.

2T1A6573Making moto noises with your mouth.2T1A6528Cubby trying to get lost.2T1A6575Norcal takes cross seriously, even when it doesn’t.2T1A65342T1A65722T1A6595The field was deep for the Le Mans-style up-hill start.2T1A65982T1A6658RJ is stoked on San Francisco. He has not worn pants since he arrived.2T1A6685Dylan on course, to go find chicken/waffles.2T1A67012T1A6806Maurice pushing through the recent rains.2T1A7022Right2T1A6894This out-and-back ran North-South, going across an East-West section of the race, causing many to call out before they blasted through the crossing.2T1A6602Right2T1A6712Dropping in.2T1A6655Eddy was the only racer who did all the laps on a brakeless track bike. This lack of rules are what keep DFL fun.2T1A6633Gabe trying out Andrew Low’s new geared prototype cross frame. Will be rad to see more of these at the races next season.2T1A6726Chas was loving the perfect conditions in the park. DFL always helps open up and clean up a few trails in the park that will be later enjoyed by daily riders.2T1A6903For those who may not know, this underground race series has had the same policy since it’s inception twenty years ago. Dress in drag and race for free, or pay $5. It’s simple.2T1A6994Travis knew this wet root section was faster to run up. It finishes on a root system on a hard right turn.2T1A6939Derek riding the ridge along the golf course.2T1A6835This swim suit has more miles on it than most of the kits I own. Maybe the sixth time I have seen it modeled over the years.2T1A6785One of the best things about bike racing is racing with your friends. With an open format, it’s a chance for men and women to be on course together in a racing situation. Rubbing shoulders with friends we usually only see from the other side of the tape.2T1A6956Embracing the white beard.2T1A6556Always fun to be out with John Reiss at the races.2T1A6531A few years back, we started noticing bikes being stolen for the parts alone. Cutting the frame is easier than cutting the lock. Brue brought his Hunter CX to have Rick bring it back to life.



2T1A2297In the Golden State–California–sunsets are seldom drab and uninspiring. The color-palette rendered as the sun slips below the edge of the Pacific is the concept behind Walton’s hand-painted, California State Cyclocross Champion race rig. Sandwiched between walls of ink-black night sky lies the last sliver of daylight: the bike’s gold leafed front-end fades through orange to vermillion, then into violet, and finally, fuchsia… You’d almost believe this photo was shot last July, instead of during the calm before the ‘Storm of the Decade / Century / Millennium’ now upon us. Thank you, Walton! Alongside our sunsets, you are most golden. 


B.A.S.P.S. #6 2014

2T1A1648Coyote Point brings the Bay Area Super Prestige Series to a close for 2014, just as the Bay Area weather is starting to look like cyclocross season. This course is popular among the racers, with some climbing/descending in the woods, technical gravel and sand pits, and few long straights on the beach—all made faster by recent rains. 2T1A1688This group of images includes a few route marker details. I have always liked what these strips of plastic look like in a natural environment. In addition, the simplicity of what a CX course needs to make for a fun race is very spartan and resourceful. I feel like a roll of course tape simply reminds me of good times.

2T1A1621Chelsea locked-on in the Elite Women’s As.2T1A1625Some fans tried to dress up the mid-climb with some Braaap, but the fire was quickly extinguished by the organizers.2T1A1615Kathleen is a new mother and a really fast racer. She is back smashing and getting incredible results.2T1A1631Coyote Point Park is on the bay, so the earth has a high sand content. Even with plenty of rain, some sections reminded racers we’re on the coast.2T1A16582T1A1978Wood mulch made this straightforward-seeming climb a little slippy. With steady power it was an opportunity to make a last pass before turning toward the descent.2T1A1836Oxalis sprouts up everywhere after a good rain.2T1A1928Derek using his natural moto to transition from a descent, into a hard right.2T1A18822T1A2012Rainier put in a strong effort in the Elite Men’s As, holding a top 3 spot for half of the race before giving up a few places in the end.2T1A16942T1A2036Chas has had a shortened CX season, interrupted by several international adventures. When he is in town, he is racing, and he was happy with a top 10 finish on this day.2T1A1802The view from the top of the park looked over a washed-out bay, making for a nice level of contrast from the racers’ point of view.2T1A1950Concentration turns into shaved seconds. One lapse, and they’re given back.2T1A1790Tire options.2T1A2073Chas on the beach.2T1A16892T1A1669Jeff had a chance to jump on the sketchy pile of wood while warming up for the Men’s Bs. Send it!2T1A1781Eucalyptus trees were heavily planted in the Bay Area as the advent of trains created a need for timber to create the cross beams of tracks. The tree generated a twisted railroad tie, so in turn this non-native tree is now overgrown in many parks to this day.2T1A18222T1A19192T1A17572T1A2108Chelsea yelling at the guys to wrap it up. Fun day all around.2T1A2081Derek using the straightaway to get a last drink before the bell lap.2T1A1610Thanks again to the organizers of this series, as well as the promoters to the North and South for keeping Cyclocross fun in the Bay Area. Let’s hope we can bring a race back to the Presidio or Golden Gate Park for 2015. Sponsors: Please help return CX racing to the city of San Francisco in the new year!


BASPS 2 2014

2T1A0343The San Francisco cyclocross season has several race series to choose from on any given weekend in the fall. By traveling under two hours in most directions, you can be racing a double every weekend from September to January. One of the most popular events is the B.A.S.P.S. night race. This full day of races happens just outside of the city limits and is a chance for friends and family of the racers to come out and cheer. With no real rain to speak of this season, and warmer then normal temps for November, this year’s crowd was large, loud, and inhaling dirt together. This race is fun to photograph because it happens from day, through dusk, and into the evening—offering all levels of racing, mixed with all types of light. Enclosed are some moments captured Saturday evening at Sierra Point.2T1A0611It has been fun to see TCB grow as a company, and see their employees rally as a team.2T1A0601Eddy and Yan help out in the shop when they are not in school. It was great to be out and cheer for them in the single speed Bs. Rightly known as the “killer Bs” for its fast and loose racing style.2T1A05612T1A0466Hey what’s up man? 2T1A0410This event happens in the shadow of San Bruno Mountain, beside a marina, creating the most scenic office park in the Bay Area.2T1A0566RJ, like the others will have a dirt cough for a few days.2T1A0590The organizers made one mud section on an otherwise dry lap. Like birds in a bird bath, racers just wanted that ‘cross feeling, even if it came out of a hose.2T1A0612This is Cubby. He is a natural on any bike. This was his first cross race and he found himself on the podium at the end of the evening.2T1A0620Water was added between races making the mud deeper as the night went on. Spectators would tempt riders to test the softer lines with dollar bills.2T1A0696Single Speed Bs headed out as the sun was setting. This course has a ton of corners, so taking gears out of the equation works for many racers.2T1A0586Gabe 2T1A0793Cubby converted his bar bike into his race bike by taking the fork from an old Kelly and swapping it with his track fork.2T1A04742T1A0797Eddy and Rich2T1A0749Run-up2T1A0874Yan2T1A09262T1A1164Chelsea on the last straightaway, last chance to make a pass.2T1A1028Non-pro cyclocross in the US is fun, and we like that. Here a racer got tangled in the barrier tape, and saw a moment to refesh.2T1A1045The moon was near full in a clear sky, offering a bit of extra light for the racers.2T1A10592T1A1159Neutral support2T1A12132T1A1210Rainier was called up for the start of the last race of the night: Elite Men As.2T1A12652T1A1378Derek kept up a fast pace over one of the sets of barriers.2T1A1483Thank you to the event staff for helping keep Bay Area cyclocross alive and thriving. Now just if we can get back into Golden Gate Park for 2015!2T1A14072T1A1306Scotty Chapin is a beast and Bay Area racers are accustomed to getting beat down by him on this course. Once again, he dropped the geared field on a single gear. Nice work! Bright headlamp!2T1A1296The lunar surface, or an unnatural color of gray earth at Sierra Point.2T1A14012T1A1347Rainier getting a kick out of a racer running straight toward him in one of the sets of barriers on the course.2T1A1516As the night drew to a close, this top corner on “Heckle Hill” gathered the rowdy fans. All the fun you would expect from a non-pro CX race in the states. Derek finishing the geared As on his SSCX after a rear flat put him in the pits for a bike swap.2T1A09252T1A0941Cinelli has closed production of our SSCX frame set for 2015. This bike is so much fun we hope to be able to bring it back to production again one day. Let your Cinelli dealer know if you are looking for one. There are still a few left!