2015 has brought some changes in my life. A couple years ago I started focusing on organized racing. I had done messenger races, unsanctioned races, and all sorts of sanctioned racing since the end of high school. All of it was for fun, without putting any real effort in to the results I was getting. This was until a few years ago when I had the thought that I am not getting any younger, so why don’t I put some effort in, and see where it takes me.

The first road season I went form a cat 5 to cat 2 on the road, that winter I went straight into cyclocross and won the Elite NCNCA State CX Champion title. Again without a break cross season ends when road season starts, and I got a ride with the premier elite nor cal road team, Team Mike’s Bikes. There I learned tons and ended my season getting my cat 1 upgrade just in time to fly out to Elite Road Nationals, where I podium’d with a 3rd place. That winter, 3 days before I flew out to the East coast for some UCI CX races I crashed in a local race, fracturing my collarbone. This was unfortunate as MASH SF had stepped up to support me by getting me on a bunch of flights in search of a UCI point or 2. Instead I was sidelined and abandoned the end of my CX season so I could prepare for my upcoming road calendar with a Continental UCI team I had signed with, IRT Pro Cycling.

When I made the decision to race, I never envisioned being where I am today, the people I have met, or the experiences I’ve had. I am currently home from 5 weeks on the road racing, and as I look forward and plan for the rest of the season. I am amazed by the places i’ll go and things I have planned that are completely new to me.


Walton Brush

May Day Ride with Greg LeMond

2T1A4384May 1 2015: A few weeks before our shop anniversary, we made plans for some events to stoke our friends—a group ride and a street race that finished with a BBQ. That is what we like. While talking with our friend Blick, he says, “Hey LeMond wants do the group ride.” With that said, I did not give it much thought beyond making sure we invited our friends, and in the spirit of our usual shop rides, invite all formats of bikes to ride road and dirt. We met at Oakley where 150 cyclists eagerly showed up to ride around the Bay Area with the American cyclist who inspired a nation with his multiple wins at the Tour de France, as well as two World Championships. What started out as a simple group ride, clearly became something much more. Gabe and I tagged along to share that experience. Enclosed are some photos of that afternoon and the smiles that lit up the route over the bridge and out to the bunker.2T1A44152T1A4436DSC_4099DSC_4405DSC_4317DSC_43802T1A4506DSC_4584DSC_9236DSC_46542T1A4669DSC_9258DSC_4932DSC_48512T1A4732DSC_92842T1A4802DSC_92952T1A49422T1A48922T1A4948DSC_9343DSC_93962T1A50302T1A50332T1A50352T1A5040DSC_5029DSC_5051DSC_50852T1A44962T1A51012T1A51252T1A51702T1A5143Thank You for coming out!

Photos: Gabe Morford + Mike Martin

Thanks to Greg and Blick for making fun bike stuff happen always.

31 photos #2 RHC BK 2015


Last year I bought a roll of expired film in Columbia and a week later shot all of it in 36 hours, documenting the infamous wet and wild RHC BK 2014.  This year my good friend Wilis of Deluxe Cycles gave me a T4 to “try out” upon my arrival to NY for RHC BK 2015, it came loaded with a roll of Portra 400.  Here is RHC BK 2015 in 31 photos.  Just like last year in, chronological order.


























































RHC BK 2015 was so rad!! The new course was more technical, pushing riders to the limit as we squeezed through two new narrow chicanes.  The Athlete area was also on point, arriving to your designated stall to find a case of water, bike rack and rollers was a nice touch.


The racing was fast and loose from the start,  we averaged something like 30 MPH during the race.  I felt OK,  ready but not all that hyped, very mellow.  Then we started, and I felt the fire, I chased down almost every attack,  put my face in the wind, yelled, screamed, pushed, I was FEELING IT, in a way I had not since Milan 2012.  I my head I said “just push as hard as you can until you crack, fuck it”  But I didn’t crack, even after a 4 lap flyer with Zach from Heavy Pedal (thanks for going with me dude!!)  with 10 to go I felt great.  Slotted back into the lead pack with 5 to go and recovered,  this was gonna be my race!!!


Then an Iride rider sitting 2nd wheel slide out in the last turn with 2 laps to go.  I tried to wiggle out, but myself and 5 others smashed into the rail at 30 MPH.  First off sorry to the people I hit, I heard tell of a black eye! Second, thank you to Crihs Thorman,  all I head as I dug my way out of the pile up was him yelling “GET UP GET UP YOU CAN FINSIH THIS!!!”  So I did,  with bars askew I hopped back on my bike and finished the last 2 laps, never getting caught by the chase group.


Crashing is bike racing,  such is the life we lead.  I think I could have been up there had I survived till the last lap.  Surprise!! I made it up on the podium anyways!  Top Antagonist award!  A fancy new doorstop for the shop and some cash for the after party!  Stoked!


A huge thanks to


Wilis – my dude

Dylan- my teammate, there’s always London dude!

Dave- the man with the plan

Crihs/JT – my favorite scumbags

Erica/Marc – radio road forever

MASH – for the drive

Everyone else, especially that person who caught me like a baby as I flew into the barriers!




PrintThis weekend kicks off with a group ride in the headlands with Greg LeMond. We will meet at the Oakley Store on Market street, then loop around the city to the bridge, and ride some dirt and road, finishing back at MASH for a beer, and a chance to visit with a fun group or riders. Ride hosted by Oakley, LeMond, MASH, and snacks from CLIF.

MW_SV_PartySaturday starts with a group ride from Rapha at 8AM, and then Sasha from Vanilla Workshop will be displaying some new bikes. Chris McNally will have some art up, all at Mission Workshop on Valencia Street from 6pm to 10pm. Full Calendar posted up on The Radavist   HERE.

raceSunday we will meet at our shop, and host a checkpoint race here in the city. Meet at 12pm to sign up, and we will send racers out by 12:30pm. The alleycat will involve some climbing, as it has in the past, and we will award top riders in brakeless fixed, geared, and first women to cross the line.  MASH 284 Sanchez Street, SF CA 94114


Come out and have fun!


This is Chas Christiansen. He has worked as a traveling messenger for nearly a decade. Friends at Oakley Europe linked up while he was in London recently to hear how he makes it work. Check in!


polaroid thinking capErik Zo is the real deal. His life is dedicated to cycling, photography, and preserving the history of these topics and their relationship to San Francisco. I was excited to hear he was heading down to document the L’eroica this weekend. He posted a detailed account of the thought process he put into preparing for this trip. As a photographer with a bike, I really enjoyed the details. Please click through for the full report!



Easter Sunday is a special time for friends and family. But for one rowdy group of BMXers this was a day for shredding. We assembled at the top of Bernal Heights at 1:00 and overlooked the city below us. There were three check points that highlighted iconic spots around the city.




The race had one rule: 20″ BMX bikes. These bikes are equipped to ride jumps and ramps and skateparks. Riding long distances is not usually not on the menu for bikes like this. Little gears mean you’re spinning at a sprint.


The danger was real and the race hadn’t even started.



The obligatory ’70s poses pre race.


Warming up on the starting gates!


The starting run was down this. Pick your line, stick to it, and don’t flat, we just started.


The race was close! I rolled in for the win only a few minutes before John rolled in for second. Ten miles on BMX is a huge challenge! Congratulations to everyone who rode across the finish line and to everyone who helped out. Here are a few of the top contenders!



JDR held down one of the hardest check points. Thanks for the help and good vibes after smashing up a mountain on 20″ wheels dude!


Cubby hand wrote each manifest that morning on Beatles stationary.




Fun proceeded with high jump and long jump challenges!



Huge thanks to Cubby for getting everyone out here and putting this together! We are super stoked on this format and are looking forward to the next one!


And thanks to the sponsors!  Mash SF, Vans, Oakley, Cult, Freewheel, and TCB.

Report and photos by Dylan Buffington.




As we ramp into the Spring season, we are bringing some new designs into the shop. Enclosed are some details of new pieces available today. Check in for more!

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