DFL #2 2013


DFL stop number two took us within Golden Gate park for some early cyclocross dust/sand racing. This series is on it’s 19th year, and it completely embodies what is fun about cyclocross. Racing for fun. Enclosed are some details from yesterday’s burner.

2T1A5965Matt cleans right up

2T1A5615Antonio and Fabrizio were visiting from Milano, so it was great to get them out, and see just what is so special about the San Francisco cycling community.

2T1A5617The start of the race was packed with familiar faces discuised as ugly women. Cross dress, and your entry fee is waived.

2T1A5667Spring 2014 fashion weak.

2T1A5767Dylan came straight from closing the shop, and it was clear he wanted to jump in.

2T1A5760These piles of fine dust and rock, are the remnants of chewed up streets. There is no question just how toxic this run-up really is

2T1A5838Here they come! Also, did the pilot of that drone ever find his devise? It took off never to be seen again. If he found it, the last shot should be pretty incredible.

2T1A5701Kyle asking himself why he races bicycles.


2T1A5846Dylan only passed, and was never passed. Brakeless track bike with 25c tires, smashing with this mountain bike friendly sand trap.


2T1A5951Street chothes

2T1A5968Walton won this series last year, so is sitting it out this season.

2T1A5859Derek on the loose up

2T1A5904Andreas is a great rider. We look forward to see his SSCX season racing for TCB courier.

2T1A5996Golden Gate Park is built on top on sand dunes, and it does not take long to see this.




2T1A5787Down but not out

2T1A5980Someone needs a new saddle after this

2T1A5750Grass skirt rear brake

2T1A5817Kyle smashing around

2T1A5815With all the laughs it’s easy to forget the risk involved in racing bicycles on any level.

2T1A5943These guys will be coughing up dust for the next few days.

2T1A5993Lean with it

2T1A5985Kyle with a post race report

2T1A5963Never forget where it came from, and how it got so weird.


Until next time!