MASH7187Bay Area racers woke up to rain on November 26th and that is a special treat for this part of California. The CX Nation Cup was a new race course in Sonoma and it was ripping fun. It had the standard long straight grass sections expected at these events but over half of the route was more technical and as the day went on, became a proper mess. Enclosed are some details from a day of racing the CX Nation Cup.MASH6873AdvertisingMASH6918MASH6876MASH6902MASH7004Chelsea changed her program mid-season this year, and is starting to see those results. It was a blast to see her dig in.MASH7102The new Santa Cruz Stigmata team bikes are ripping. The carbon is built up to create a more forgiving ride, with this same ripping geo. MASH7143File tread is a common tire pattern for our dry race season. Skinny mud tires with tons of clearance worked on this day. MASH7274Always fun to race with the Vive La Tarte team here in the Bay.MASH7365MASH7209MASH7447Red on the racers rightMASH7124MASH6974MASH7226MASH7517Chelsea took 2nd for the Elite Women.MASH7593MASH7606Pit bikes would be nice for these conditions, as mud added weight and resistance quickly to all the racers.MASH7563MASH7508MASH7572OakMASH7656MASH6895The team is racing on our new X-Grid tape. Rubberized, so it is super grippy in all conditions.MASH6869Dylan finding his own way of staying warm and dry. Time to get out of the van and race bikes.MASH6861Bike Monkey supported the event and ran the timing for all the races. Thank you.MASH7403MASH7856MASH7833Chas coming out of a wet rooted section that was ran more then ridden.MASH7612This section was made up of a series of rollers both up and down before heading back into the trees.MASH8146Crihs was in town for the holiday, so was nice seeing him in nature, where there are bugs and poison oak.MASH8307Lots of this all day.MASH8641MASH8628This was the first time Chas raced CX with disc brakes and he was so hyped at the end of the race with no mechanicals and brakes that worked in the wet and mud. Three years ago it was death before…MASH8590Sometimes the best line was on the grassy edge. MASH8576The faster line often put you in the bushes.MASH7802When one racer would bobble a technical section, it was a chain reaction slowing the next line of racers until the gap.MASH8170MASH8208MASH9061Found object.MASH8849Down + outMASH9142Out + backMASH9659MASH9484Chas is always so positive in races and his energy is contagious. Fully muddy tongue for an hour of racing.MASH9447MASH8795The oak leaves on top of the wet earth made for some very slippery sections.MASH8454Glasses did not help on this day, but once racers eyes filled with mud, it took tears to continuously flush them.MASH8223MASH8789MASH8048MASH8191Kell smashes but found a flat with only a lap or two to go.MASH7121As a photographer I love these course tape drawings in nature.MASH8543Brue is 40 and putting in some of his best racing of his carier.MASH9411MASH9439Ryan fully coated.MASH9671Cantis did not stop at all. You could tell the fixed gear riders by hearing the foot jam brakes coming into a corner on a descent.MASH9773Not recommended.MASH9764Thank for making this race happen. The proceeds go to help Junior development teams and their campaign to race at cx nats in Reno. Such an awesome reason to come out and race and support the kids.MASH9709WinnerMASH9716LoserMASH9812MASH9819Makeshift laundry rack.MASH9739Dylan is new to racing geared bikes but is learning what all the cogs and levers do. This day may have been better suited for a single speed.MASH9732MASH9789MASH9758That’s a wrap. Thank you CX Nation and Bike Monkey for making it happen and helping support the Junior program.



DFL 3 2017

MASH0402DFL is a longstanding tradition in San Francisco. This group of friends have organized underground cyclocross races in the Bay for 23 years and have helped shape the community here, no question. As members grow and have families of their own, the turnout is a mix of new racers learning about these traditions, racing side-by-side with the founding members of the hush-hush race series. It is perfect.
MASH0298The following moments capture the energy and spirit of the series, found by word-of-mouth, on a week night in an empty park, Hunters Point, SF CA.

MASH9504Drag race

MASH9551Ride the snake
MASH0235Broken barrierMASH0003



The next generation

Wild fennel often dominates this dry landscape

East side of the courseMASH9605




This part of the city was human made by filling the bay to create more land.



Covered in bursMASH9750



Custom Low SSMASH0266MASH0285MASH0295MASH0358MASH0344MASH0317MASH0338

MASH0311Thank you to the DFL family for keeping SF fun.



MASH2739Resistance Racing gathered up the crew and headed to the Port of Oakland for stop three of their Track-X series. Racers met on a warm Sunday afternoon, ate tacos, enjoyed a coffee or beer, registered, and lined up to race mostly brakeless track bikes in the sandy landfill that is the port. Enclosed are some photo details for the day. MASH2592Massive cargo ships unload fidget spinners and whatever else as a backdrop for some bike racing.MASH2602Tacos and coffee reg was so nice. Thank you!MASH268553 for the dirtMASH2684MASH2625MASH2611UCI testing some road disc options for the 2018 road seasonMASH2681Quick negotiation MASH2765MASH2770MASH2850GO!MASH2785stopMASH2691GO!MASH3180MASH2953Jeff made a good showing having not been on a track bike in the dirt maybe ever.MASH2975Chas so was hungry to get out front eary and hold it. He won, and is in the lead for the series.MASH2804MASH3023MASH2950MASH2903Kel is a beast. He chased Chas on this day, but there is always tomorrow. 2nd for the day.MASH2884MASH3066MASH3093Drez was the only kid out there, and did the entire race. You inspire us!MASH3310MASH3364Wild lifeMASH3140Hand up recipient MASH304340 minutes of brakeless ripping in the loose sand and dirtMASH32433MASH3233Ferda BoysMASH3227Nick and Jean counted laps, and placed the podiumMASH3241MASH3333PodiumMASH3342Wet PodiumMASH3381Rolling cargo keg stands. Why notMASH3383Thanks for organizing, and look for Golden Gate Park next!



2T1A8552The Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships returned home to Portland, OR for 2016. Last weekend, racers with a sense of humor met at Sauvie Island farm to see what these diabolical organizers had in store for this year’s event. This is a bike race with variables you cannot predict. A traditional racer could easily get frustrated at many steps along the way, and that is the entire point. Fun is the focus and with the season winding down, this group gets it. We drove some San Franciscans up to get in on the action. Enclosed are some photographic details and notes from the 2016 SSCXWC PDX edition.
2T1A9560Portland is a natural fit for cross to thrive. An active, creative community who live in a wet, coldish climate during the traditional race calender. Oh, and they love food, beer, and good times. This all cooks up to create a super-host for this format of “racing”.
2T1A8948The Cross Crusader is an iconic heckler at the local CX series of the same name.2T1A8152This set up looked strange at first, until you realize just how sticky the mud is up here. Fat clearance, with little tires. Slicks would have even held less mud.

2T1A8142Cantis and fat tires did not play well out here.
2T1A8910Saturday was the qualifier, with up to three formats to make it to the main race. Fastest lap, holeshot shootout, and a proper dual slalom corse. With Saturday’s qualifiers settled, Sunday was the main event. The morning hosted more traditional geared races, and the afternoon ran a last chance, men’s and women’s events.
2T1A8037Portland still has that creative/weird magic. SF is losing it due to the cost of living. Oakland inherited a portion of that family, but Portland is a bird of a different color, and for that we love you.
2T1A8844This is a shot of a section of the course where mud-covered yoga balls get kicked at your face at full speed. Mud-covered wood ramps lead you out to a continuous mud slide, with vendors offering up free drinks and snacks the entire length of the race course.2T1A8041
2T1A8556The handups are done on an elevated level.
2T1A9109Chelsea running one of the grades.
2T1A8506OBRA trying to wrap their heads around how to officiate a shit show.
2T1A8461The farm location was a beautiful property to race bikes at. Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and no shortage animal feces all mixed up.
2T1A8059Rain flooded a field, and the organizers knew how to make it work to their advantage.
2T1A8662One section routed through the pond where a jump ramp was installed, because. The muddy run-up guaranteed not many would have speed to correctly jump the shark.
2T1A94162T1A8375Walton is from Portland, so it was nice to get to visit with him. He has been navigating some health concerns this season and is finding a path to healing. We love this guy, and cheer for him always.
2T1A9253Chelsea, Derek, and Rainier felt they had worn costumes all season, so it was only fitting to do the same at a costume race.
Heckling at the day’s race was preformed at the level you would expect from seasoned professionals.
Portland is excellent at mud
The weather has changed in the Bay Area, with years of low rainfall, so a chance to race in these conditions was exciting for the out-of-towners.
2T1A8895Nature would surface from the mud in hopes of escaping and rescuers would then help re-route.
2T1A9170Money handups could later be used to pay to take short cuts on course.
2T1A9310The men’s field being lead into the corn maze to leave bikes for a Le Mans-style start. Bikes were then rearranged and tampered with before the race gun.
2T1A9336A short foot race led to a bike search and start.
2T1A9389Chas, being versed in alleycat starts, found his bike quick and was on course early.
2T1A9422Eddy and a clown.
2T1A9524Sven Nys is a cyclocross legend and cult figure in the sport. He wanted to come and not FOMO another year of SSCXWC. Spectators loved it and he clearly took his share from the hecklers. He looked like a 250 2-stroke, spinning at a comedic cadence, and just RIPPING.
2T1A9568Two racers coming out of the dual slalom section.
2T1A9413Rainier running the beaver dam, consisting of half-round plastic tubes.2T1A8196
This punk martching band brought powerful energy to the race, hammering out a series of driving rhythms.
Sven rode every obstacle, including the pond. He was off the front early but eased up mid-race.
2T1A9510The vibe was a mix of this and bike racing.
2T1A9595No shortage of crashes for the day, making it exciting for spectators, and nearly unbearable for racers.
2T1A8782The yoga ball mosh pit was very raw.
2T1A8484Some people won, all won spiritually. Some lost, and most lost dignity, while making it up in smiles.
2T1A9839We brought a ton of mud home. I’m sure most of us did. Thanks again for the good times Portland. You always know how to share the stoke.


BASP #5 2016

2T1A6658Bay Area racers headed to Vallejo California for the fifth and final installment of the Bay Area Super Prestige series. With rain on the radar, local racers looked forward to ending the season in a different weather pattern then the season started in, a dry hot, dustbowl. Derek and I jumped out of the van, and grabbed a few warm-up laps before the elite Men’s A’s got on corse. The following photo essay was shot on November 19th 2016, and celebrate the details from the day.

Menlo Velo bringing the mud and blood bright and early. 2T1A6662Giro sent the team some custom Synthe helmets for the race season. This lean helmet has felt the best, of everything we have raced in over the years. Lean cut, not bulky. Minimal pads to wash, tons of airflow, while still feeling covered when the rain comes down.
2T1A6611This Belgian family knew how to interact with the racers.2T1A66932T1A6686Eddy in a chicken wing2T1A6708Stoker details2T1A6702Last race of the series means packing the race numbers and timing chips away till next season. Let’s make this one special.2T1A67152T1A6673I like making these mask portraits. Some things never change, including changing.2T1A6698Eddy built up this Work frame prototype, and raced it for the first time. It has a makeshift nylon front brake, and the rear is mounted under the seat stays.2T1A6634
Murphy Mack must be ready for a break after promoting eight races this cyclocross season.
Peanut butter mud lined the course, a rare condition in the Bay Area.
In the Bay Area, there is always a stars and stripes jersey somewhere in the lineup.
Derek, Rainier, and Ryan fighting for the holeshot.
2T1A6814Ritchey Megabite tires digging into the dry duff on an off camber turn. Light and dry dirt under trees was sticking to wet mud on other parts of the course, essentially gluing the mud to the bikes.
Brandon at the top of the course, after a tough climb on his Mash SS.
Sean making himself comfortable.
Slippery grass made the tough climbs all the more difficult and decisive.
The uphill and muddy barriers were no match for Derek.
2T1A6692Neutral Support2T1A6618Heckler2T1A69122T1A6956
Eddy racing in his first Elite SS race, and learned what that extra 15 minutes felt like.
Derek chased the podium all day, never outside of eyesight.
Cubby making it look easy, while trying to bounce mud off the bike at each barrier.
Rainier not making it look easy.
Spokesman definitely making it look very difficult.
Stigmata frames with Enve/Chris King/Ritchey/Sella Italia can be built up to be under 17 lbs.
A light rain began to fall mid-way through the race, making the course all the more precipitous.
Ritchey Megabite tires digging into what little traction there was on this climb.
Rainier and Derek chasing Andy Jacques-Maynes and Murray Swanson down the finishing straight.
SSCX crusher, the Vallejo course is a good one for Kell McKenzie.
2T1A7277Selle Italia is supporting the team, and loving the new shapes.2T1A72932T1A7262Brandon has given his all this season, and this smile shows me what the Bay Area CX season is truly made of. Ear to ear.

Photos: Mike Martin

Words: Rainier Schaefer


2T1A5729Set in the foothills of Mt. Tamalpais, The Lion of Fairfax was back at the local middle school campus. With the year’s first real rain, the stage was set for some mildly wet/muddy cyclocross racing. Chelsea, Derek, Dylan, Eddy, and Rainier came out to race with the Bay Area community. This photo series was shot on 10-15-2016, and include some notes/thoughts from the races.2T1A6226Gabe went to school here, so for years, we called this race the Lion of Gabe’s middle school.2T1A59812T1A5693Frank is a force of radness behind the scenes. Thanks Frank2T1A63492T1A5720I laughed when I saw this “epic” mud shot in my selected images. Really playing up that one time it rained for us in 2016.2T1A5723The school campus is really beautiful, set among dry grass hills and native trees at the edge of town where some of the most famous singletrack in the world begins. 2T1A5754Team Vive La Tarte2T1A58222T1A5883Chelsea <<<2T1A5808Quill-stemmed OM Flyer set up like a beach cruiser. 2T1A5736Quickly, these races get strung out. Chelsea sat 3rd wheel for laps.2T1A57242T1A5699Cool Marin Hippie mural doubling as a wind tunnel illustration.2T1A5920The hecklers staked out this ride up waiting to see who would slip up.2T1A58402T1A56882T1A5780It was a toe spikes day. Yay!2T1A56762T1A5958Chelsea held on to 3rd for the day in the Elite Women’s field.2T1A6230The SuperPro vibe is about stoke foremost and a lack of formality is part of the format.2T1A6021Wind can also play a factor in cross.2T1A5977Rainer 2T1A5968Derek2T1A5972Mtbers heard the call.2T1A59892T1A6000Brandon, Jimmy, and Dylan launched the hole shot.2T1A6147We are so stoked on how the team bikes and kits came together. Thank you to the sponsors, and Al for doodling it up!2T1A6086Dylan rode up these steps later in the race.2T1A6144This part of the course was under constant repairs as riders blew it here.2T1A6012Cone zone2T1A6253Derek handling the back set of barriers.2T1A6008Basketball courts, Soccer fields, and a Baseball diamond all made up the race course on this day.2T1A6308Brandon moving up (with a rear flat) finishing 2nd in the SS A’s.2T1A61982T1A6170Rainier broke a spoke in the first lap. With no pit wheels, he had a couple hours to study for the GRE.2T1A6216Dylan set up some Ritchey Tires tubeless and was able to finish in the SS As, winning the group.2T1A5984Several scratchable dogs on course.2T1A6388The hecklers brought their best psych-outs.2T1A61052T1A6404The ruling on handups… YES!2T1A6103They don’t do that in Europe. Do they?2T1A61202T1A6475The wind brought barrier tape into the path of the racers. Some finished sooner then they had hoped.2T1A6487

Photos: Mike Martin

Words: Brandon Reif